“The voice of parents at the time of story reading to their children is the most touching pieces of music in the mind of the children.”

Seeds’ Story

The founding of Seeds starts off with two parents who enjoy every single moment of reading storybooks to their baby girls.

Treasuring the moment they share together while watching their baby girls learning, they see the need to source Chinese and English books of a broad variety to give the best to their daughters.

They begin with books about puppets and rhymes. They see their daughters so much amazed by the stories, laughing out loud and having lots of fun.

The couple starts to expose the daughter to more variety of picture books, including those that cover topics in science and games. Their daughter sometimes would get all excited with lots of follow up questions, one after another.

In time, she would imitate movements, say phrases and expression from the storybooks to draw attention from her parents, all these leave good memories for the whole family………..

About Seeds

Seeds is committed to promote parent-child reading. We hope to establish a close relationship through parent-child reading. And let reading become a lifetime companion of our kids.

Children’s language skills come from the experiences: Music, Nursery Rhymes and Storytelling.

Seeds strongly believes that children’s language skills begin with “listening”. Parents should speak more and ask questions for their children, which will help children develop a more comprehensive brain.

Seeds was founded in 2013 and is located in the heart of Central. Its businesses include Seeds Children’s Bookstore and Seeds Learning House.

Seeds Children's Bookstore

Seeds is a place for parents to get access to a myriad of award winning books, including interesting Chinese and English ones.

Seeds also provide a good collection of interactive learning tools and platforms that allow your children to grow up in a relaxed, supportive environment filled with wonders offered by this world of reading.

With this fun process, your children are going to learn fast while being drown by the parental support and love.

We provide English and Chinese book selection services for Individuals, Schools, Organizations and Corporation.
We conduct English and Chinese book distribution, wholesaling and retailing business in Hong Kong;
We organize different kinds of book exhibitions e.g. in-house or private;
We offer staff club privilege;
We organize Parent Workshops about reading picture books.
We organize Children Story Classes for 1-6 year-old children.
Seeds is a rising company aiming to promote good reading culture in Hong Kong.

Seeds Learning House

Seeds holds a variety of parent workshops, children’s story classes and psychology courses:

Parent Workshops:

  • Parents’ Love Reading Workshop 1: “The Story begins at Home”
  • Parents Love Reading Workshop 2: “Illustrate with Life” Emotions and Characters
  • Parents’ Love Reading Workshop 3: “Happy Together”

Children Story Classes:

  • 1.5-2.5 year-old Children Story Class (6 lessons)
  • 2.5-4 year-old Children Story Class (12 lessons)
  • 4-6 year-old Children Story Class (12 lessons)

Professional Psychology Course:

  • Picture Book Therapist Course (4 lessons)